A Christmas list is a list of presents you want for Christmas. You write it and send to Santa Claus, to the North Pole where he lives. Start your letter with ‘Dear Santa…’


Santa is very busy and tired on Christmas night, surely he needs to eat something before he visists other homes! Don’t forget to leave Santa a dish of cookies and a glass of milk.

Rudolph is head of the reindeers who pull Santa’s sleigh. Don’t forget to leave him something tasty too, like a carrot!


In your letter, try to ask Santa for something practical and realistic.

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could you please …? = can you …?
a washer = dish-washer; to load the washer
to vacuum = to use vacuum cleaner for cleaning the carpets
to wash the dishes

Try to write exactly what you want, remember that Santa is very busy and can make a mistake! And don’t forget to think of other people when you make you Christmas wishes.

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fat = not slim
bank account = where your money in the bank is
to mix up

Remember! Santa Claus brings you presents only if you are nice -well, most of the time. If you feel that you are mostly naughty, try to remember good things that you do for others.


I have been – Present Perfect of ‘to be’ (speaking about things in the past)
I have done – Present Perfect of ‘to do’  (speaking about things in the past)

a few things = not many things



I would like = I would love = I want / I wish
to watch out for = to be careful15589819_1354228067983167_1373639705194313716_n

Think about what you really want for Christmas. Think about what you wish for the people you love, your family and friends. Can you do something good for them? Ask Santa to help them too. And don’t forget to say thank you to Santa and his reindeers!

Let’s write a Christmas list using Present Simple:

  1. Start you letter with asking how is Santa and his reindeers. Are they OK? are they happy / busy / tired  this year? o-dear-santa-amazon-facebook
  2. Tell Santa about yourself. What is your name? How old are you? Where do you live? Who are the people that you love and care most? (I have… He/she is my… He lives… He is… I love … very much. I care about … a lot. I want him/her/them to be happy / healthy / lucky / rich …)
  3. Are you usually nice / good / kind  / naughty / not so nice / angry? Do you want to be nice more often? If you do, what can you do for it?  (Usually / most often / sometimes / mostly I am …. I try to be … I try to do … I want to be more … I can be more … I can do … and … for myself and for …)
  4. Tell Santa what you wish for Christmas. Remember to write exactly what you want – we don’t want any mistakes! Do you want Santa to bring something to people you love too? Don’t forget to say ‘please’, be nice! (Here is my wish list… Here is what I wish for … Here are some things I really need: … There are a few things I want very much: … I prefer… My Christmas wishes are … I really want … If it’s possible…) 
  5. Say thanks and wish Santa and the reindeers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Say good bye! (Merry Christmas! I hope you have a good / great / wonderful holiday! See you next year!)
  6. Write your name in the end of the letter. (With love from  …  / Best wishes, your … )